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April Marie Hull


World Certified Fitness Coach
Global Weight Loss Expert

It’s Time to Unlock Your
Power Through Flexibility,
Core Strength and
Permanent Weight Loss.


Are You Ready?

Fitness Coach

There are 640 muscles in the human body, and my goal is to make sure you’re using every single one. I will use each session to empower you to meet your goals.

Weight Loss Expert

April has helped 13,962 people in 14 states and 3 countries to lose 215,130 pounds. Our focus is on permanent weight loss and we can achieve that through whole lifestyle changes.

International Stretch Practioner

Whether online or in person, stretching keeps the body young and Mobile. I help
You become pain-free via Active/Passive stretching and breathing techniques that you will not find anywhere else.


Helping You Become the Best Version of Yourself

I help CEO’s run better companies, because when you take care of yourself, your company does better.

Pastors see an increase the Church Body because they start taking care of their own body.

Stay at home parents come to me when they are ready to stop putting themselves last.

Those entering retirement get to their dream BMI, and get in the best shape of their lives.

Athletes carve their own path in their sport to get the PR’s and PB’s they need.

I specialize in flexibility, core strength and PERMANENT weight loss.

I change the world one heart and one body at a time.

April’s Core Strengths






Goal Setting

Together we create the perfect goals for your journey.

Unique Programs

There are 7.2 billion people on this planet. My view is that there are 7.2 billion ways to be fit. Together we personalize your unique fitness program.

Stress Management

What would it feel like to be rid of worry, anxiety and constantly being overwhelmed? I will teach you how to replace these negative emotions with the power of positivity.

Nutrition Coach

Together we develop a unique nutrition plan to go along side your personalized fitness journey.

About Me

Assisting thousands of people to be pain-free, surgery-free, and at their optimal weight is a blessing. Children and adults of all ages benefit from my focus on flexibility, core strength, and permanent weight loss.

I grew up in Greenfield, Massachusetts, the gateway to the Mohawk Trail. Outdoor playing and living are a natural part of living at the base of the Berkshire Mountains. I excelled in Student Government, State DECA, cheerleading, band, and track in High School.

The University of Massachusetts was my calling as I ventured into the world as the first person in my family to ever go to college. I was a Chi Omega Sorority Member, cheerleader, National competitor in the color guard, and pursued a degree from the College of Arts & Sciences. Working two jobs in the Gym and as a waitress at a gourmet restaurant taught me a work ethic and passion that cannot be measured.

Little did I know that my love for fitness would take me all over the planet. As a World Certified Personal Trainer, I am honored to have trained clients in Santa Barbara CA, Boulder CO, Kansas City KS, Chicago IL, and Boston MA. My clients in Africa and India bring me incredible joy and give me a glimpse at how Fit by April will continue to grow.

There are 740,000 Personal Trainers in the world and I am in the top 1%. My goal is to live a full life and help as many souls in this world to live theirs.


“April is a fireball of positive energy! I have a high-stress job that can be discouraging at times. After an hour with April, I always feel better and stronger. I recommend her highly!”

-Kim O.

“April helped me get my lowest BMI for retirement.”

-Carla M.

“I’ve never had such a no-nonsense approach to weight loss/management. April’s approach gives me full control.”

-Michelle O.

“I went from a 135# chest press to 270# chest press in 10 months.”

-Derek S.

“I went to my doctor and he said “You turned back the clock at 60. You have the body of a 45 year old”.

-Cindy G.

“Miss April taught me to believe in myself.  Workouts are fun and every session is soulful.”  

-Shakir S.

“I have lost 29 lbs and 9 inches in my waist in 8 months.”

-Jacki V.

“I would not have survived COVID without April.”

-Marion P.

“April’s approach to weight control is easy and manageable.”

-Scott O.

“Madame April is Miss Fitness Universe. She is my inspiration woman, motivator, and lovely caring Trainer.”


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