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1 On 1 Coaching with April Kassebaum

Fitness, Weight Loss, Stretching

Start The Journey To Your Healthier Life Today

Goal Setting

April helps you create the perfect goals for your journey. 

Unique Programs

April listens to your goals and creates a unique program to help you accomplish your goals.

Stress Management

April teaches you how to use fitness to maintain a healthy lifestyle in every aspect.

Nutrition Coach

April helps you develop a nutrition plan to go along side your fitness journey.

Personal Training Rates:

Rates currently range between $66-96/hour, depending on how many sessions are purchased as well as if you are in Lincoln, outside of Lincoln, Virtual, and/or if it’s a home visit or at a facility.

Virtual Sessions

  • $66.00 per Session
  • Discounts for 5+ sessions
  • Great if you’re overcoming a cold or if you’re stretched for time
  • You can be anywhere in the world!

Lincoln Personal Training

  • $76.00 per Session
  • At home or at gym
  • Discounts for 5+ sessions
  • Possible gas surcharge

Outside of Lincoln

  • $96.00 per Session
  • Discounts for 5+ sessions
  • Possible gas surcharge
  • I travel to Omaha for clients regularly
  • Not sure if I will travel to you?  Contact me!

Workshops, Classes, and Presentations:

DIY BMI: 10-60 minutes

Learn how to nourish your 640 muscles and hit your goal weight with the disease fighting BMI of 25 YOUR WAY. This refreshing and stress relieving class gives you 3 solid ways to improve healthier eating 100%. April adapts to the participants to meet each person where  they are on their fitness journey while still pushing everyone past their comfort zone.


HELL HOLE FITNESS: 20-60 minutes

Find out why those 20-100 pounds are so unbelievably frustrating and discover the 90/10 mental-physical rule to lasting results. The human body regenerates itself every 10 years. We rebrand ourselves just like we do our families, businesses, towns, and cities. April teaches you how to rebrand your body in the same way.


THE BIG 6: 30-60 minutes

The 6 Pillars to preventing dementia also assist us in our fitness journey. By focusing on the non-scale techniques of weight loss such as sleep, deep breathing, and keeping your mind sharp, this hands-on class gets you moving and making your 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 100s fun and ideal.


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